FWA Private Sector Woman of the Year

Colleen Campbell

Vice Chair

BMO Capital Markets

Colleen Campbell is Vice Chair of BMO Capital Markets. Based in Toronto, she is a 30-year industry veteran. Colleen joined BMO in 1997 and spent 15 years in Debt Capital Markets, ultimately as its Global Head. Colleen was appointed Vice Chair in 2012. In this capacity, she provides senior client coverage and strategic advice to BMO’s Investment & Corporate Banking Group. Colleen is a member of the BMO Capital Markets Management Committee as well as the Canadian Loan Commitments Committee.

Colleen is also Co-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, which provides oversight on the Capital Markets Diversity and Inclusion agenda and strategic priorities and drives execution on BMO’s commitments.

Collen holds an Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

FWA Public Sector Women of the Year

 FWA’s Past Presidents

In 1956, eight women decided to fight against the status-quo on Wall Street.  They created the FWA, a sisterhood of other likeminded smart, savvy, and career-driven professionals to continue their mission to advance women. As part of the 60th anniversary, the FWA recognizes the Past Presidents who have led the organization over the last six decades. We revel in your glory as pioneers in the financial services industry and express our heartfelt gratitude to the past presidents for continuing to inspire, advocate, and accelerate the growth of women. It is because of you, the FWA has provided professional networking, ground-breaking educational programs, mentorship, practical training and has served as a public forum for women to demonstrate their leadership and advisory skills. We honor you for your courage through adversity, celebrate you for your unwavering patience, and salute you for hard work and dedication. FWA Past Presidents we thank you!

Below are listed the past presidents that served the FWA.

2014-15 Maureen Adolf
2013-14 Kimberly Weinrick 1984-85 Myrna Z. Weiss
2012-13 Susan Harper 1983-84 Ellen Sills-Levy
2011-12 Anne Izzillo 1982-83 Pamela Jane Newman
2010-11 Susan Ganz 1981-82 JoAnn Heffernan Heisen
2009-10 Stephanie Hauge 1980-81 Susan G. Fisher (Greenwood)
2008-09 Kristin McDonough 1979-80 Candace Straight
2007-08 Lily Klebanoff Blake 1978-79 Melinda Lloyd
2006-07 Martha Clark Goss 1977-78 Susan Dollinger
2005-06 Judith Mellars 1976-77 Elaine Rees
2004-05 Kelly Mathieson 1975-76 M. Helen Anderson (Fisher)
2003-04 Mary Rudie Barneby 1974-75 Sheila M. Baird
2002-03 Joan S. Green 1973-74 Bernadette M. Bartels (Murphy)
2001-02 Betsy L. Werley 1972-73 Martha S. Sproule
2000-01 Kimberly L. Quinones 1971-72 Katherine A. Young
1999-00 Pamela J. Packard 1970-71 Susan G. Peet
1998-99 Lenore C. Albom 1969-70 Susan G. Peet
1997-98 Dominique Martinet 1968-69 Elizabeth Richardson Ralston
1996-97 Jeannette G. Hobson 1967-68 Elizabeth Richardson Ralston
1995-96 Gail S. Miner 1966-67 Marguerite Beer Platt
1994-95 Debra D. Flanz 1965-66 Marguerite Beer Platt
1993-94 Ruth L. Finch (Powers) 1964-65 Kathleen A. Blair
1992-93 Mina Baker Knoll 1963-64 Joan Leibo
1991-92 Barbara B. Roberts 1962-63 Janet C. Gill
1990-91 Lucille V. Corrier 1961-62 Joan C. Merrell
1989-90 Barbara M. Reno 1960-61
1988-89 Heidi S. Steiger 1959-60
1987-88 Margaret N. Newborg 1958-59
1986-87 Myra L. Tobin 1957-58 Joan Williams (Farr)
1985-86 Norma N. Niehoff-Emerson 1956-57 Nancy Zuger